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Client Testimonials


We have enjoyed a professional association with Fine Line Home Design since 2002.  Tracy's plans are always creative yet practical.  Our homeowners love them.  Her attention to detail makes her plans easy for my carpenters to interpret in the field as well.  Engineers at the Montgomery County permit office have told me they consider Tracy's plans to be the Gold Standard.

Bob O'Dell, President
   O'Dell Construction Co., Inc.
   Clarksburg, MD

By far, the best contractor I have ever dealt with was Fine Line Home Design. Tracy was incredibly personable and it was easy to work with her. She was interested in not only our needs but our wants as well. She was very helpful with design aspects of our home design as well as making our home functional and cost-effective. She was able to explain construction details, suggest helpful alternatives, and even helped making material selections when needed.


Tracy was always on time for meetings and was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. She paid great attention to detail and when changes were made on the blueprints they were made correctly. Her prices were very reasonable and I would highly recommend her for your architectural needs!

Janice F.
Mt. Airy, MD

I have been in the construction industry for 30 years and have a degree in architectural design but currently work in sales so I have a complete understanding of what is required in a set of architectural plans. One of Tracy's clients provided me a set of plans for bidding purposes and the plans were excellent. I work with a long list of builders and the plans provided are hardly ever as complete as the plans Tracy produced for her client. Tracy obviously understands the codes and does and excellent job at providing the details required in a complete set of working plans. Highly recommend Tracy.

M. Shockey, Builders First Source
Jefferson MD

Tracy has helped us build two new homes. Not only once, but twice! Tracy's services were invaluable. She took the required time to make sure the design was exactly what we wanted. She provided suggestions and ideas that made our homes look exactly like we dreamed. She was extremely knowledgeable of all of the building codes and worked well with the general contractors. We highly recommend Fine Line Home Design.

Steven and Stephanie K.
Queenstown, MD

Dear Tracy, Laura and I are overjoyed with the in-law addition you did for our house.  When I see our house it is like seeing a brand new home (without the trauma of searching, financing, and moving).  You did a magnificent job blending the addition into our existing home and making it all into a balanced and harmonious structure!  The neighbors keep complimenting us on the addition - I pass the credit to you.  The builder repeatedly said you did an outstanding job with the design.  The entire family is happy with the addition.  Our children enjoy the game room above the in-law area and I enjoy having a finished basement for my hobbies below it all.  I knew when I searched on-line for a designer that you would be the one.  No matter how I searched - your name kept coming up.  On your Internet site the candor of your frequently asked questions page and the directness with which you described your services repeatedly grabbed my attention.  Sometime in the next few years we hope to work with you on the design of a vacation home.  I am sure your design for our vacation home will be as exceptional as the addition you designed for our present home.

Jeff and Laura D.
Severn, MD

I have been working with Tracy on designing a custom home for a property in Dickerson, MD. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is very professional and extremely helpful in putting my ideas down on paper. She understands what the client desires and is able to offer suggestions that fit with their vision of the project. Tracy is also able to communicate well with the different parties involved with a project, from the structural engineer to the builder and everyone in between. I highly recommend her for any project!

Chris S.
Dickerson, MD


The design work completed by Fine Line Home Design was outstanding. We wanted to work on our existing 1937 stone cottage on the lake to add modern amenities in a new master suite, master bath, hall and powder room and 2 bedrooms and a downstairs bathroom. Tracey brought in just the right design and esthetic we needed to marry the existing stone structure with the new addition. We were so pleased with the result, we hired her again to design a similar addition to the other side of our cottage at the lake.

Laura I.
Deep Creek Lake, MD

We are very impressed by the quality of Fine Line Home Design’s work, and Tracy’s knowledge of design and construction, and we strongly recommend her services.

Mansour Jaribion, President
   NIMA Custom Homes, Inc.
   Rockville, MD

We have worked with Fine Line Home Design on two recent remodeling projects, one of which involved a very large renovation on different sections of our home. The designer was very willing to incorporate our needs and ideas and also offered very creative and innovative concepts in her drawings. She was well-informed about current trends and also about building stipulations. Fine Line Home Design was very professional and presented high-quality drawings, and we would recommend this business to anyone preparing for a renovation, large or small.

Vickie and Polly
Shepherdstown, WV

Before I got to know Tracy of Fine Line Home Design in person, I first became familiar with her work from various potential homeowner clients who hired her to design some complicated homes and additions and asked me to bid from their drawings. Even though I did not land those jobs, I was impressed by the quality of detail on her plans and attention to detail. She puts more detail on her drawings then other craftspeople I have worked with in the past so I kept her in mind for future jobs. Since I've gotten to know Tracy I've been very impressed with her creativity and personality. Her services are a great value because you get great designs, ideas, and details at a fraction of the cost of a Registered Architect.

Greg Currey, Currey Custom Homes
Middletown, MD


In the business that I am in, I have an awful lot of connections to help me in any type of design process.  I am very detail oriented and finding Tracy was a blessing.  Once you have the opportunity to meet with her, you will stop shopping.  I like using the best at everything I do.  She sure fits that category.

Tom M.
   Middletown, MD

Thank you for the fantastic job you did in interpreting my ideas to a full set of construction documents.  It would have taken me much longer than you to research and complete the details, and I am very appreciative of all your work.  Steve seems to be a very skilled and organized contractor. We are both fortunate to work with him.  If I am lucky enough to get another project in your area, I will call on you for help.   Thanks again.

Kim Sammis, Principal, InEx Design
Washington, DC

It started several years ago when, out of frustration with a local architect, I initiated my search seeking a fresh, new design service for our home renovation and home addition clients. When my search landed me at the Fine Line website, my first thought was, “Wow! This must be a huge firm who will never be interested in working with a small remodeling company like mine.”  Boy was I wrong!   Like everything Fine Line does, Tracy created a web site presence that proves size doesn’t matter, a testament to her creativity.

Although a small firm, Fine Line routinely produces huge results.  Tracy gives every project her personal attention, and our clients love both the creativity and the sincerity that she brings to every job.  The details are numerous, accurate and spectacular, showing that she really listens to the client, and brings a level of professionalism to the party that only experience can produce.  Our clients routinely extol her virtue … which makes our company look good, as it is apparent that we have surrounded ourselves with the best talent in the field.

In a nutshell, Tracy and Fine Line Home Design have earned my respect and my business … and when the time comes, Fine Line will be my choice to work on my own new custom home!

Bob DeIuliis, President
   Talon Construction, Inc.
   Frederick, MD


We had a house warming get-together and invited our co-workers over on Saturday to see the house.   Everyone fell in love with the place.  Comments were:  It's a vacation house that you get to stay in every day!  How do you leave the house in the morning?  This walk-in closet is incredible!

Alma G., Berkeley Springs, WV 

Tracy, your design ideas made all the difference in the successful addition to our home. We really appreciate your creativity and prompt service. Thanks again.

Allen and Barbara W.
   Martinsburg, WV

Dianne and I are very pleased with the work you and Sean have done for us in designing an addition for our house in Shepherdstown.  Your warm and cheerful personality made us pleased to have chosen your firm.

We are very happy with the design work you did.  Your intuitive responses to our ideas gave us complete confidence that your work would truly reflect our wishes.

Paul Chalfant
Shepherdstown, WV