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not yet built projects

A fair number of projects I've drawn have never made it to construction, for a variety of reasons.  The Great Recession had a huge impact on designs in progress between 2008 and 2012.   Sometimes I've completed Preliminary Drawings only to be notified that the clients decided to move out of state and sell their land.  A client may get the Pricing Drawings, then completely change their mind on the architectural style, going from a Craftsman look to a Modern home.  Perhaps they couldn't get the financing they needed, or the reality of what they were getting into gave them cold feet once they saw the design on paper.  And of course people get divorced, or they lose their jobs, or they have sickness or other family tragedy that puts their project on indefinite hold.  

Here's a sampling of houses that were built inside my head, but never made it to the lot.  I'm proud of these ideas and thought they were worth sharing. (Arrows sort through the projects; click on any image to enjoy all the schmancy details.)