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Thanks, Blue Ridge Country Magazine!

My all-time favorite house has just been featured in the July/August issue of Blue Ridge Country magazine, much to my delight.   This was a challenging but immensely rewarding project.  Pictures just begin to convey the steepness of the lot, which allowed a very small building envelope on the flattest (i.e., least steep) section.  The majority of the property is literally too steep to walk on; rather, you need to climb down to the Shenandoah below.


I've got this design plastered all over the place, but hey, it's an awesome house.  The homeowners have done a fantastic job of decorating, and with the help of an interior designer they made some wonderful choices in their finishes.

My husband and I will be kayaking past this home next month.  I'm looking forward to seeing it perched on the cliff as we float past.