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Unsplitting a Split Foyer in Shepherdstown

What a difference this addition made to the house.  It gained more kitchen space, a sunroom/dining area, a foyer, an actual laundry room, a covered entry at the new basement-level front door, a covered porch, and a straight staircase.  We also renovated the existing master bath and added a patio door to the master bedroom.  Now, the occupants have great views of the woods on the front of their property from inside the enlarged kitchen and from on their new covered porch. 



Nifty kitchen & living room expansion w/ breakfast room

My mission:  to enlarge this kitchen and merge it with a new breakfast room and a new living room expansion, without affecting the ability of existing second story bedrooms to still provide egress per code.  A large portion of the rear bearing wall would need to be removed, and the existing house above supported by new posts and beams, to achieve these goals.