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Wye River residence

A waterfront custom home just completed in Queen Anne's County for some past clients.  The first custom home I designed when I went into business in 1998 - a two-story farmhouse style on Braddock Mountain - was for this couple, who are now starting to think about retirement and living in a single story cottage. 

Weekend house near the C&O Canal

Just because a custom home is small doesn't mean it can't have lots of character.  A professional couple from Montgomery County comes up here on the weekends to farm and enjoy the dark nighttime skies. 

Chincoteague bungalow

One of my long-time contractor clients bought a piece of canalfront property in Chincoteague and asked me to design a weekend beach house for his family.  Although the home is modest, the open floor plan creates a big house feel.  We positioned the patio doors and windows to take advantage of the prevailing breezes, and the air conditioning is only needed on the hottest days of mid-summer.  The home is constructed on piers due to its proximity to water.  A sleeping loft over the right half of the home is furnished dormitory-style, to accommodate visiting relatives.   We have stayed in this home for the weekend and wish it were our own!