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Blue Farmhouse on the Hilltop

Such a unique custom home for a fun and creative lady.  I was shown an "inspiration" photo of the sort of facade she was looking for, and I developed a home design from there.  A special challenge:  incorporating a second staircase leading to the space over the garage, where there was no headroom in the inspiration house to do so.  

Another design challenge:  designing the front porch roof framing to accommodate a balcony over the front entry, tucked within parapet walls.  The floor of the balcony is a membrane, and the drainage is concealed within the boxed-out porch columns below.

Nima Custom Homes projects - new construction

Here are just a new homes that I've drawn for Mansour Jaribion of Nima Custom Homes.  On all of these projects I deal directly with the builder, who is the liaison between me and the homeowners.  These designs typically begin with a floor plan sketched by Mansour and approved by the owners.  Once I get the sketches I figure out how the building will be structurally assembled (bearing walls, columns, beam lines, etc.), make sure the stairs work to code, and make suggestions and changes along the way, sometimes adjusting the fenestration, building size, the geometry, or the roof planes.  It's an efficient team effort that works for everyone involved.


Prairie style contemporary

Arts and Crafts is my favorite architectural style.  Same goes for these clients.  They found a photo in a magazine of a home very similar to this one and asked me to use it as a basis for the design.  Their finish material selections were perfect, and whenever I drive down Route 67 south of Boonsboro I always look over at their home, on a ridge to my right, and smile.